What we do

Gorm Larsen Nordic is all about sales - and everything around the sale. Our winning formula is quite simple, we focus on strength and opportunities and therefore we can release the potential of our clients brands and at the same time release the potential of the people who work for the company. Our many years of experience in retail sales makes us a relevant, competent and innovative partner for most companies.

Our ambition

The assignment

Every client and every project is different – therefore every delivery is tailored to the specific conditions, we operate under.

But our four core values - Sincerity, Competence, Passion and Integrity - characterize all our deliveries.

At Gorm Larsen Nordic we believe...

That partnering up is fundamental for best possible result

That you will get what you measure

That good strategies often fail due to poor implementation

That nothing is impossible in retail

That the execution significantly can be improved just by paying attention

That a structured way of working release creativity in the field

That a “let´s get it done” attitude will win the retail battle

That “why” should define what you do, not “how” or “what”

That you should hire people with right attitude and then train their skills

That results from empowered personnel outperform all other