Release the potential

Release the potential

We provide solutions for brands to reach their sales targets.

A deep understanding of the Nordic retail landscape, how to operate in different sales channels and a close partnership philosophy enables us to assist you on strategic, tactical and operational levels to reach your business ambitions in retail. See more

We are specialized in the Nordic retail environment and our services in sales force management are benchmarked against the best in the market. We have comprehensive structures and processes in place to run complete sales set-ups, including recruiting, operating, coaching, training and developing sales teams. See more

Products are more than physical assets, they and the brand tell stories. Shoppers like to know those stories and they need to understand what the brand and the product can do for them to enhance and enrich their lives. This is what Brand Activation is all about. See more

It’s beginning to look a lot like…. BUSY SEASON!

November 9, 2017​The retail year is rapidly moving towards the busiest time of the year. Looking at the trends and statistics it is no surprise that the ones that come prepared are in for a sales-treat the next coming weeks.

Elbit celebration

June 26, 2017

A spring of opportunities!

May 18, 2017

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The partners are the leading independent Field Marketing agency in each of their countries and the Association provides coverage of 93% of EU.

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What we do

Our work in retail, sales and marketing evolves around the goal to release the potential

- the potential of our clients' great products and the potential of the people working to make that happen.

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